Book of the Month, Sept. 2017 - Bread Wine and Chocolate

September 2017 – Bread, Wine, and Chocolate

We’re kicking off AgBookClub with a book about food. (Go figure.)

Bread, Wine, and Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love is an interesting perspective on five foods many of us couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) live without and how humans discovered those foods. But that’s all we’re going to tell you until you get your hands on the book. 🙂

Here’s what you need to do this month:

Get the book. Buy it, borrow it, read over your neighbor’s shoulder — we don’t care. But don’t steal the book.

Read the book.

  • Week 1 (“due” 9/6): Introduction & Wine [p. 1 – p. 82]
  • Week 2 (“due” 9/13): Chocolate [p. 83 – p. 134]
  • Week 3 (“due” 9/20): Coffee & Beer [p. 135 – p. 234]
  • Week 4 (“due” 9/27): Bread & Octopus & Ending [p. 235 – end]

Join the chat (#AgBookClub) on Wednesdays at 8:00pm Central beginning September 6th.

Happy reading!

Learn how AgBookClub works here.

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