AgBookClub Must-Haves

Miss the days of back-to-school supply shopping? The thrill of writing the first word in a brand-new notebook? A pencil case full of pencils with perfect erasers? We do, too. So here’s your AgBookClub supply list!*

*Only number 1 on the list is actually necessary to participate in AgBookClub, but who doesn’t like treating themselves to an Amazon shopping spree?

      1. The September 2017 Book of the Month: Bread, Wine and Chocolate. Don’t forget–our chats begin on September 6th. But no worries about reading the whole book before then! We’ve divided up the book into manageable sections for the month of September. Learn more here.
      2. Something sweet to snack on while you’re reading. Why not sample some of the fabulous TCHO chocolate the author discusses in the book?
      3. Night owl? Read without keeping everyone else awake with this nifty booklight.
      4. This mug. Holds your tea (or coffee) and scares away anyone who might disturb you. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a win-win.
      5. Don’t you dare dog-ear that book–especially if you borrowed it!! Here are some removable sticky flags to mark those important passages to discuss during the weekly chat.
      6. Keep all of your reading notes in one place with this Book Lover’s Journal. With more than 100 pages, this is going to last you through a lot of months of AgBookClub.
      7. Finally, you’re going to need someone to talk to about the exciting book you’re reading! Connect with others during our #AgBookClub chats on Wednesdays at 8pm Central (beginning September 6th) or during the week in our Facebook group. Learn more about AgBookClub here.

Happy reading!


Full disclosure: AgBookClub gets a small commission for every item purchased through our Amazon affiliate links. Thank you for helping support this endeavor! (Websites are expensive. 😳)

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