Book of the Month, Sept. 2020 - The Fault Lines of Farm Policy

September 2020 – The Fault Lines of Farm Policy

AgBookClub’s September selection, The Fault Lines of Farm Policy: A Legislative and Political History of the Farm Bill by Jonathan Coppess, couldn’t have come at a more relevant time as farmers face many challenges in the marketplace. This book is a historical review of farm policy and how the Farm Bill as we know it came to be.

Click here to order the book or download the Kindle version (sorry, no audio version this month). Order through our link and AgBookClub gets a little somethin’-somethin’ back from Amazon to help keep this website running. 🙂 We know this is one of the more expensive books we’ve chosen, so if you can’t find a library copy or a used version – don’t worry! We’ll be sure to include lots of context and excerpts for questions and want all who are interested to participate in the weekly chats, even if you can’t get your hands on the book.

Here’s what you need to do this month:

Get the book. Buy it, borrow it, download and listen to it, read it over your neighbor’s shoulder — we don’t care. But don’t steal the book. 😉

Read the book.

  • Week 1: Introduction & chapters 1 – 2 [pages 1 – 72] (Twitter chat on 9/2)
  • Week 2: Chapters 3 – 4 [pages 73 – 134] (Twitter chat on 9/9)
  • Week 3: Chapters 5 – 6 [pages 135 – 204] (Twitter chat on 9/16)
  • Week 4: Chapters 7 – 8 [pages 205 – 284] (Twitter chat on 9/23)
  • Week 5: Chapter 9 [pages 285 – 312] (Twitter chat on 9/30)

Join the chat (#AgBookClub) on Wednesdays at 8:00pm Central on Twitter. Learn how to participate in a Twitter chat here. While we hope you can participate in our discussion every week, we know that everyone has busy schedules. We always include general questions following the topic(s) of the book that can be answered by anyone, so please don’t hesitate to jump in the Twitter chat if you didn’t have a chance to read the section we’re discussing. We welcome any and all to join the discussion!

Happy reading!

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