Book of the Month, Oct. 2019 - Unsavory Truth

Oct. 2019 – Unsavory Truth

It seems that every month we hear about the miracle food we should be eating or the staple food we should avoid for various health reasons. The news reports a new study one month that we should be drinking two cups of coffee per day to decrease the risk of liver disease or Parkinson's, but… Continue reading Oct. 2019 – Unsavory Truth

Book of the Month, Sept. 2019 - Grain Dust Dreams

Sept. 2019 – Grain Dust Dreams

Have you ever looked at something that you see multiple times per day and have since taken for granted and suddenly asked yourself one day what actually happens inside those walls? September's AgBookClub pick, Grain Dust Dreams by David W. Tarbet explores just that. We see grain elevators every day and have long since stopped wondering… Continue reading Sept. 2019 – Grain Dust Dreams