Sept. 2017 - Bread Wine and Chocolate

9/27/17 #AgBookClub Recap

Miss the #AgBookClub chat this week? No worries, we’ve compiled a summary of the chat to prepare you for next week!

Week 4 of Bread, Wine and Chocolate covered pages 232 to the end, which was all about bread. Below are several responses that we thought summed up the chat well, covered themes, or contained thought-provoking questions or comments (limited to 140 characters, of course).

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments section of this post or on Twitter (clicking the date at the bottom of each tweet will take you directly to that tweet on Twitter’s website). You can see the full conversation by searching “#AgBookClub” on Twitter.


Q1: What’s one thing that jumped out at you in this selection? Any key takeaways you’d like to share?


Q2: Our culture has a love/hate relationship w/ carbs & gluten. Where’s that leave bread? Sign of community or just temptation?


Q3: Most bread comes from commodity wheat (opposed to specialty farms we read about earlier). Are we missing out on something


Q4: Many consumers today demand heirloom varieties. Why do you think they want those varieties? Does “heirloom”=”biodiversity”?


Q5: Does ag strike a good balance between providing best taste & big supply needed to feed hungry people? Can it be improved?


Q6: We’ve read about wine, chocolate, coffee, beer, and bread. What section would you add to this book?


And that concludes the first month of AgBookClub! Join us on Wednesday, October 4th as we begin discussing our October read, $2.00 A Day. Keep an eye out for a full book review of Bread, Wine and Chocolate.

The #AgBookClub Twitter chat takes place Wednesdays at 8pm CT.

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