Mar. 2018 - The Man Who Fed the World

3/28/18 #AgBookClub Recap

Miss the last #AgBookClub chat? No worries, we’ve compiled a summary of the chat to prepare you for next week!

This week, we wrapped up discussion of our March book, The Man Who Fed the World, by Leon Hesser. Week 4 covered pages 170 – the end (chapters 14 – the epilogue).

Below are several responses that we thought summed up the Week 4 chat well, covered themes, or contained thought-provoking questions or comments.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments section of this post or on Twitter (clicking the date at the bottom of each tweet will take you directly to that tweet on Twitter’s website). You can see the full conversation by searching “#AgBookClub” on Twitter.

Q1: Do we grow enough food right now for the entire population? What challenges do we face feeding everyone?


Q2: Are we nearing yield limits – or is there more potential to unlock in today’s commodity crops?


Q3: Borlaug is widely considered a great teacher – and had a diverse post-retirement career as a professor. Tag an excellent teacher and tell us (and them) what they do that’s so impressive.


Q4: Is there enough ag research being funded to set us up for success? To overcome pest pressure? Demand for higher production and yield?


Q5: Do you think food is an inalienable right?


Q6: Can you think of a way to address the “population monster” problem Borlaug mentioned that just might work?


Q7: Last question! On a 5-star scale, how many stars did this book earn from you?


Join us for Week 1 of our April read, No More Food Fights!, on Wednesday, April 4th. We’ll be discussing pages 1 – 44 of the food side (chapters 1 – 4). See the reading schedule here. If you’re never participated in AgBookClub before, please jump right in! We’d love to have you join us!

The #AgBookClub Twitter chat takes place Wednesdays at 8pm CST.

Check out what’s coming up on #AgBookClub in 2018. Have a book-lover friend? Invite them to join!

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