Oct. 2017 - $2.00 A Day

10/18/2017 #AgBookClub Recap

Miss the #AgBookClub chat this week? No worries, we’ve compiled a summary of the chat to prepare you for next week!

Week 3 of $2.00 A Day covered page 93-128, which discussed the patchwork of public spaces and private charities that can make a big difference in the lives of the $2-a-day poor – but can also come with limits that are frustrating to navigate.

Below are several responses that we thought summed up the chat well, covered themes, or contained thought-provoking questions or comments (limited to 140 characters, of course).

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments section of this post or on Twitter (clicking the date at the bottom of each tweet will take you directly to that tweet on Twitter’s website). You can see the full conversation by searching “#AgBookClub” on Twitter.


Q1: What’s one thing that’s surprised you in this selection? Any key takeaways you’d like to share?

Q2: What have you liked (or disliked) so far about this section? The book in general?

Q3: Should public spaces have to cater to impoverished people who use the space for reasons beyond its intended use?

P99-100: “If there’s one person in the world who could write the how-to book about surviving on $2 a day by uncovering every resource available from the patchwork of public spaces and private charities in Chicago, it’s Jennifer Hernandez.”

Q4: What are the highlights of your town’s survival guide? What’s missing?

Q5:  P105: “A life dependent on private charity is a life of insecurity.” – p105. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Q6: Is there something unique about government that makes it more able to provide aid?

Our final discussion for our October read, $2.00 A Day, will be October 25, covering pages 129-174.

In November and December we’ll be reading The Worst Hard Time. You can find our backlog and future books on our bookshelf.

The #AgBookClub Twitter chat takes place Wednesdays at 8pm CT.

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